Prayers For Matt

Several days ago I wrote that one of the pastors I often listen to, Matt Chandler, had experienced a seizure on Thanksgiving day and was in the hospital awaiting surgery.

Today the pathology report revealed that Matt’s tumor is malignant and while the surgeon was able to remove much of it, he was unable to remove it in its entirety.

He will be meeting with an oncologist this week to decide what treatment path to take.

Please pray for him and for his wife.  They have 3 small children, the youngest just 6 months old.

I can’t even begin to understand this.  I know that we are promised that ALL things work for good for those who trust him.  But, my very human side wants to rage against what seems like a very unfair shake for this young family.

Matt has shown an unshakable faith while awaiting these test results.  He even said that he was humbled that God entrusted him with this trial.  He is determined to live out the very things that he has been preaching for the past ten years.  That God is enough.  No matter what.

Looks like he is continuing to teach us, just as he always has.

***If you’d like to keep up with the latest updates on Matt’s health you can click here*****

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  1. Jim says:

    And a pastor friend of Matt’s has the perfect way to pray for him and his family (or others you may know in similar situations.)

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