Katie, this past weekend you turned fourteen.  I am late writing this because instead of spending your birthday quietly at home with a few friends and your family, you and I spent it in Chicago where you and some of your field hockey buddies played in a tournament.  Instead of wearing something cute and blowing out candles, you donned 20 lbs of goalie gear and let other girls drive a very hard little ball right at you.

You never flinched.

That pretty much sums up this last year.  You have dealt with a few things that would have made me run and duck for cover and you’ve chosen to face them head on.  You have dealt with some girl drama (of course you have, you are in the eighth grade) and handled it with a maturity that was astounding to your daddy and I.  May that continue all the rest of your days.

You are changing so quickly.  There is hardly anything left of that little girl we had around for so long.  Suddenly you are almost as tall as me and we are wearing the same shoe size.  A couple of weeks ago I glanced around and saw a beautiful girl with her long brown hair blowing in the breeze.  Her legs went on for miles and she looked happy.

It was you.

You are a good girl.  It is fun to be around you.  You hardly ever have a smart mouth and bad attitude.  Will you stay like this forever?

We love you so much.  Even if we have to compete for your affection with the boys from One Direction.

You are our girl.


Momma and Daddy



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3 Responses to Fourteen

  1. Bibi says:

    Happy Birthday, Katie! How cute you are in all that gear! Just as you make your Mom and Dad proud, you make your grandparents proud, too. Love you, my dear.
    Papa and Bibi

  2. Papa says:

    Do you think your parents understand every field hockey rule? When your Aunt Anne and Aunt Leah played, I am afraid we never got them all down. Great group pic.!

  3. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday, Katie!

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