Tumbling Down

“Mama!  Daddy fell off the ladder and hurt his ankle!”

I’d just gone upstairs to lie down.  The chemo I took on Wednesday was taking its toll and I’d been looking forward to snuggling down under my electric blanket for an hour or so.  I get chilled easily these days and I could almost feel the warmth coming off the bed as I slipped between the sheets.

I went downstairs to find JD sitting on the couch.  He’d already gotten both shoes off and was looking at his ankles with a grimace on his face.  He was ghost white and shaking.

He’d put the ladder up against the house in the front to take the last of the Christmas decorations down.  We will never know exactly what happened but the ladder slid out from under him, he dropped about 10 feet and landed on both feet on the front stone porch.  He was able to get into the house under his own power, but now his ankles were both looking very ugly and were actually swelling right before our eyes.

“Hmmmm.  I guess we better go to the ER.”

And so we did.  Five hours and two splints later we were back home again trying to figure out how to get someone who can’t really bear much weight on either leg up the stairs and into bed. (There was lots of grunting and moaning involved).  The x-rays taken at the hospital didn’t reveal any bad fractures but we will wait on the final reading on Monday and probably see ortho sometime next week.

I’ve been reading a book about excess lately.  One of the chapters deals with the business of our lives.  The way we say we have no time but continue to add things to our calendar anyway.  We can’t find it in ourselves to say no even when it is driving us crazy.

So perhaps this is a gift.  A time that will force us to slow down.  Today we have spent the day reading the paper.  The girls are quietly doing their thing and Lucy is wondering why no one is moving around much.  We are perhaps resting on the Sabbath for the first time in a very long time.  The tv is off, a pot of soup is on the stove and snow is falling periodically outside the big picture window in our den.

We are so thankful.  It could have been a whole lot worse.  I’m sure there will be some frustrating days ahead as JD gets back on his feet, but for now we will appreciate the good that comes with the bad and enjoy a little slower pace for a few days.

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5 Responses to Tumbling Down

  1. Jill McWilliams says:

    So glad it wasn’t more serious, JD! Heal quickly and enjoy the rest.

    Hugs all around from the McWilliams

  2. Papa says:

    One more prayer just went up for a fast heal.

  3. Bibi says:

    This reminds me of “I have cancer, and God is good”, only this time it’s “I fell, and God is good”. And thankfully, He is! This isn’t to belittle what you’re feeling now, Jim – I know it’s going to be a bit of a long road to recovery – but I cringe when I think how much worse it could have been. Enjoy the slowness.

  4. Ann (the sister) says:

    Hope all are feeling well today! Your spirit amazes!

  5. Linda Kline-Lau says:

    Glad to see that you are still blogging away. I so enjoy reading your posts. I may have to steal the one about what you said at the wedding! I couldn’t agree more! My daughter is getting married in October and I think you hit just the right note of love and honesty! Even the second time around I had no idea of what I was getting myself into! As a Christian Counselor I often tell couples I see about the need for much grace within marriage. In fact, one of my college professors wrote a book about marital reconciliation and very specifically called out the need for grace. It’s the only way out of the otherwise normal cycle of conflict. And boy do we need God’s help in offering it! There’s nothing harder than giving your spouse what they need instead of what they deserve! But Jesus did exactly that, and if we are wise (and want to have a long, satisfying marriage) we will follow His example (well, as much as is humanly possible!). Keep on writing your words of wisdom mixed with faith and humor. I know I will always drop by to read them and sometimes refer others to check it out. Blessings! Linda

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