Today you turn 15.

Field Hockey Girl

Field Hockey Girl

That really just takes my breath away.  How has this happened right in front of us in what seems like an instant?

You are the full swing of high school.  You are rarely home on the weekend nights anymore.  We get a quick smile and hug as the door bangs shut behind you on your way out.  I’m lucky, though.  Many nights after you come home you sit on my bed and tell me some details.  I’m so curious and want to ask a million questions.  I try to limit it to just a couple hundred.  I also bribe you and your friends with food at every opportunity just so I can be around you and listen to your conversations.

Maybe I shouldn’t give away all my

You are a joy.

We are so glad you are ours.


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3 Responses to Fifteen

  1. Dave Papa says:

    The secret is out. Great pics. I remember that 8 # baby in NICU. Good job, mom and dad.

  2. Jill McWilliams says:

    Happy Birthday, Katie! You are beautiful on the outside and more importantly on the inside…just like your mama.

    Hugs from the McWilliams family

  3. Emme says:

    You blinked! It happened just that fast.

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